Category: RL Corporation

  • RL Automotive Watch Presskit

    RL Automotive Watch Presskit

    Designed and directed the layout and creative for a presskit promoting the Ralph Lauren Automotive Watch.

  • RL Watches Magalog Story

    RL Watches Magalog Story

    Created the Craftsmanship story for the Ralph Lauren Fall 2013 Magalog, a semi-annual book that brings all of the Ralph Lauren luxury brands together in a single editorial focus; the topic for this article was on the handiwork involved in building a Ralph Lauren Diamond Stirrup Watch.

  • RL Watch Catalog

    RL Watch Catalog

    Directed creative for a debut semi-annual Magalog for worldwide distribution, either self-mailed or polybagged with top magazines to targeted subscribers. The catalog showed a proven track record of success; the Ralph Lauren Watches & Jewelry team then requested their own dedicated Watch Magalog, which I created from concept through layout approvals and production.    

  • Polo Golf Holiday 2018 OCC Trifold

    Polo Golf Holiday 2018 OCC Trifold

    Designed a Holiday 2018 trifold brochure for Polo Golf, in partnership with the Oakmont Country Club Golf Shop in Oakmont, PA. This is a takeaway style guide intended to inspire club members while they buy luxury golfwear within the shop.

  • Polo Golf Fall 2018 Ryder Cup Uniform Guide

    Polo Golf Fall 2018 Ryder Cup Uniform Guide

    Excerpted pages from the Polo Golf 2018 Ryder Cup Uniform Guide, a what-to-wear guidebook from head to toe for players, coaches, and their life partners, to every event during Ryder Cup week.

  • RL Annual Report Glamour Spreads

    RL Annual Report Glamour Spreads